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BRG Crackers

Our service is to fulfill your needs and requirements to the maximum extent possible. We have our own exclusive showroom and godown in SIVAKASI. We are the best place to fullfill your cracker shopping. We have cracker gift boxes, rockets, ground chakkars, flowerpots, sparklers, skyshots and various other type of crackers. After understanding the hardship of buying quality crackers during diwali season we came up with the solution to buy crackers online. We sell products only which is of good quality and received acceptance by the customers.

We are extremely careful about testing them through a series of extremely rigorous methods to produce good quality crackers. We produce crackers with highest quality at an affordable price enabling you to leverage joy and happiness in all occasions.


Our Vision

Our aim is to produce products complying with high level of consumer safety standards with affordable pricing. Our main motto is “Customer Safety and Satisfaction is our Priority ”

Our Mission

We serve quality crackers to our customer to make their days as colorful celebration.
We have products of high quality standards complying with all global standards and specifications.

On Time Delivery

We will deliver the products on time without any delay you can get them from your nearest delivery center

Best Quality

Quality and safety crackers from the reputed brands

Best Offers

You will get the crackers with best offers without any quality compromise

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